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"Faithful" - Out Now
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"I pray the name of Jesus to be glorified, as churches everywhere listen, and praise God through my music."

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Christian recording artist, Jared Reynolds shares his life, love, and faith through his music. Jared was introduced to music at age 5, when he began taking piano lessons. However, it wasn’t until high school that he found his passion in singing. It was after college when Jared began to passionately pursue a musical career, using his God given gift.


Jared is now the Music Director, at The Rock Church and World Outreach Center in San Bernardino, CA. You can find Jared every Saturday and Sunday accompanying the praise and worship team, and singing at each of the four weekend services. Alongside his instrumental and vocal gifts, Jared also writes music. Many who've had the pleasure of listening to Jared comment on his authenticity as a worshipper, as well as his beautiful voice. His raw, heartfelt praise easily ushers in the anointing of God.

When asked why he sings, Jared says, “I want the world to be touched by my music and Jesus  seen through every song. I pray the name of Jesus be glorified, as churches everywhere listen, and praise God through my music”.

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White Feather
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